EmiratesHR: Empowering Workforce

Nicolas Andine


“We are dedicated to providing a world-class experience for each user by recognizing and supporting local working practices. Together, we can create a thriving workplace where companies and employees flourish hand in hand."

When it comes to the HR space, payroll and employee management are one of the biggest challenges that HR professionals face. In fact, as the work-from home culture is creating a different type of employee engagement, managing global payroll and their associated compliance requirements are a tough task. EmiratesHR is a user-friendly HR software program created especially for the UAE and the larger GCC area to save time and money. Its safe cloud-based software assists businesses of all sizes in streamlining HR procedures and correctly and productively communicating with their workforce. Emirates HR has a single goal: to be the top HR provider in the GCC and UAE. To do this, we develop business processes that are specifically suited to the needs of each firm, and we expedite workflow by giving employees the ability to handle their tasks and requests with a single click. The company aims to give every user a top-notch experience by acknowledging and promoting local working habits. Founded in 2018 by British businessman and investor Mark J.P. Nutter. An international team of award-winning engineers, product designers, and human reviewer specialists created EmiratesHR to provide human capital management tailored to the needs of the UAE.

One of the features offered by EmiratesHR is Leave Management. Automate and combine time-off requests. Directly from the desktop or while on the move with the app, quickly assess and approve real-time leave requests, distribute accruals, carry-overs, and banked time integrating seamlessly with the organizations’ leave rules. Integrate the various leave policies, which may be set up for various employee kinds, levels of responsibility, or locations. Each leave policy for satellite offices may be customized to account for local labor laws. An employee’s leave balance is calculated automatically thanks to preset accrual calculations. It is possible to add unpaid leave, compute accruals weekly or monthly, and do other things. EmiratesHR offers a customizable tiered approval procedure that may be tailored to the company’s organizational structure. Configure adjustable approval chains to set up various, primary, and secondary leave approval levels. When an employee submits a leave request, approvers will be alerted through push notifications and given the option to either approve the request straight from email or within the Manager’s tasks inbox on the web portal. Employees may self-service by requesting business travel using the web portal or mobile app.

Another feature is Document Management it also views a dashboard that displays all employees’ expiring papers in real time. When a document is about to expire or has to be renewed, push notifications will notify the employee and management at periods like 3 months, 1 month, and when it expires. Documents for a dependent employee may likewise be uploaded and tracked in the same manner. Employees can ask the company for documentation and letters including salary certificates, NOCs, and more. These requests are approved in a customizable order, with push notifications notifying the company and workers at each stage. Once accepted, the employer may easily produce the required document from the EmiratesHR system, with the employee’s information automatically filling based on the letter type. Simply download or print a paper copy when it’s ready. New joiners can self-service and upload any required documents, as well as existing employees can upload replacements for expiring documents. Following approval, documents can simply be uploaded via the web portal or mobile application. The OCR technology will automatically read the document and populate the relevant fields such as name, gender, date of birth, passport, or Emirates ID numbers. If employees cannot access the self-service options, managers can upload the documents on the employee’s behalf. Managers can view & report on documents and letters that have previously been generated or declined for their employees during the time of employment. Automate and standardize the document control procedure. Keep unlimited general employee papers, including credentials, training records, and more. “We are dedicated to providing a world-class experience for each user by recognizing and supporting local working practices. Together, we can create a thriving workplace where companies and employees flourish hand in hand.” – Nicolas Andine, CEO of EmiratesHR.

Because of the company’s ongoing evolution and market-driven adaptation, it can provide its clients with advanced solutions that go above and beyond conventional HR procedures. The organization stands out from competitors in the market. It ensures its position as a leader in the HR software sector due to its dedication to innovation, client satisfaction, and growth. EmiratesHR has big future goals, including expanding its service offering, remaining on top of trends, and giving clients the most cutting-edge and practical HR solutions.

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